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Rendered in this section are some of my simple solutions to technical computer hardware and software problems. Please note that these are solutions to problems I have encountered. You can also contact me; if you need my opinion on other PC problems.


Overheating CPU

Your CPU heat sink is probably congested with dust or the thermal paste between the heat sink and processor needs replacement. Your system (if you are running an Intel processor) will be switching off persistently shortly after restarting. Confirm overheating by checking CPU temperature from BIOS or temperature monitor program if you have one.



  • Open your PC and blow dust off the CPU heat sink (you can use a vacuum cleaner). Make sure the heat sink and the fan are clean. If this doesn’t work, proceed to the second option.
  • Buy a thermal paste; carefully remove the heat sink from the CPU (you will need the motherboard manual for illustrations on how to do this). Use an alcohol based solvent to remove the residual thermal paste present on the heat sink and the CPU. Now apply a thin layer of the new thermal paste mostly on the center of the CPU. Re-insert the heat sink and you are good to go.
  • Extra option will be to install an extra extraction fan (blowing out of your PC case). Also turn off the automatic shut-off temperature setting from the bios if it is turned on.

CD/DVD Writer not working

Normally when a CD-Rom or a DVD-Writer doesn’t read or write discs, it’s because the reading lens is clogged with dust. The fancy retail CD/DVD Rom lens cleaners don’t really solve this problem and I have noticed that purchasing one of them is a waste of money.



  • You need to open the CD-Rom and clean the reading lens manually. The main trick here is to leave the CD-Rom tray open before you switch off the PC and remove the Rom. Unscrew the cover plates and clean the lens with an alcohol based solvent like methanol. Then replace the cover plates and you are good to go.


PC Hard Disk Warning

How often do you backup information stored on your local disk? Watch out! You might lose valuable, hard-to-get data from a crashing hard drive. A PC disk is relatively reliable; however, if it’s about 4 years old, then its time you consider buying a new one. Please note that the prominent hard disk crash warning is a strange metallic noise. Whenever you hear such noise, open your PC case to confirm that it’s coming from the hard disk. Data recovery from a hard disk with a mechanical failure is expensive!


Operating System optimization

The performance of windows XP and Vista can be optimized with the following actions: increasing system performance (speed, etc), freeing up more space on local disk, solving operating system problems (file system errors, recovering deleted files, etc), etc. To achieve the above mentioned functionality, you can download and install TuneUp Utilities 2009 with serial from downloads section.


Error Deleting File or Folder!

How often do you get this error when trying to delete or move a file or folder? The error “cannot delete or move file! File in-use by another program” can be resolved by installing Unlocker application by Cedrick Collomb. Download Unlocker from downloads section.


Cyclic Redundancy Error - Cannot copy movie/music form disk

Say you are trying to copy your favorite movie/music/software/etc from a CD/DVD and then you get this annoying error: Cyclic redundancy error – cannot read from source disk! Don’t worry; you can use JFileRecovery software by Michael Gardiner. This free java web application copy files from damaged storage devices and media, skipping over problematic regions that typically cause copy to fail. Download JFileRecovery from downloads section.



I have also had extensive exposure in problems such as virus-removal, electronics, antenna design, domestic appliances lighting protection, domestic electric wiring, lighting design, DSTV satellite installations, etc.


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