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Listed in this section, are some of the industrial, academic or extra-curricula projects I have undertaken. Check them out and see if they might be valuable to you. (Please note that you will have to login or register in order to download some of the project files specified here).


1. PID Controller Design - Industrial Project

Proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controllers are used widely in industrial control systems. The report available here renders design and implementation information for a temperature PID controller


Discussed in this paper is the analysis and design of an electronic temperature PID controller. This controller is basically an alternative system to replace the existing mechanical PID controller used to regulate the temperature of the gear lubrication oil. The specifications of the current mechanical controller system are first determined. This is followed by the design of the electronic controller based on the determined current system specifications. The PID control algorithm is implemented in Toshiba V3 PLC. The designed system is theoretically evaluated using transient response, steady-state response and system stability. The electronic PID controller tuning principles are also stated and finally the project implementation plan is explained in details.

The report on this project can be downloaded from the Downloads page


2. Taxi Fare Management System Design - Academic Project

In this project, technologies such as GPRS, Contactless Smart Cards, Short-range RF, etc are incorporated in the design, implementation and testing of a Taxi fare management system. If you are looking for information on embedded systems design using C language, Smart cards, etc; then the report of this project can be of some value to you



Discussed in this paper, is the analysis, design and implementation details of the taxi mobile unit management system. The system is basically an Electronic Fare Settlement (EFS) used in public transportation. The supporting information on GSM/GPRS networking, Contactless Smart Card technology, and Short Range RF communications is first presented. This is followed by the design of the Mobile Unit system and the location identifier system. The Mobile unit is installed in the minibus taxi and is used as the terminal for processing fare settlement transactions. Location Identifier is installed at each bus stop and is used to send zone location ID to the mobile unit for fare calculations based on the distance traveled by the commuter. The designed and constructed system is tested and then evaluated to determine its performance. Recommendations for future improvements on the system are finally specified and a conclusion established.

The report and C codes for this project can be downloaded from the Downloads page


3. Analysis on Renewable Energy Sources and Design of Photovoltaic Power Generation System - Industrial Project

Different types of renewable energy sources are available on Earth. The sun is one of them and it is available in abundance. This project furnishes information on the design considerations of PV system, Wind energy system and available energy saving systems.



Different type of energy sources which can be incorporated in alternative power generation options are analyzed and designed in this document. These alternatives include Photovoltaic power, solar geysers, wind energy and hydrogen fuel cell options. Also alternatives which can be applied to optimize the energy consumption efficiency at a company are discussed as well. The electric lighting is one of the options which can be optimized.

The report for this project can be downloaded from the Downloads page

4. Corpus Christi Parish Website - Extra-Curricula Project

The Corpus Christi Parish Website project is an endeavor aimed at providing immediate information to the parish congregation. The website also informs the black catholic community of Bloemside, Bloemfontein about the existence of internet technology and its applications. Very few catholic churches in South Africa have dedicated websites. This project was started in September 2009.